Listing a Home with Pets

This week we listed our home for sale. Over 4,300 square feet, 5 bedroom, 5 bath – a great home to raise a growing family, the teenagers enjoyed having their own bathrooms and that was perfect for everyone. However, teens grow up, our goals and desires change, and now we are focused on finding a smaller home nearby, but we have PETS.  Several. They all shed, some eat hay. We have a six year old golden retriever named Charlie who many know from Facebook or Instagram, he’s easy – the minute we hear someone needs to come over to view our home, we grab his leash and off we go. There may be fur, but hey – it blends in with the carpet and travertine (Tip #1, get flooring that matches the fur of your pet!).

Next on our list, our daughter rescued an American Fuzzy about two years ago, beautiful Penelope Grace. Two months later the shelter where our daughter volunteered got yet another bunny, a cute little Lion Head we soon named Mr. Oliver Hornsby. Now we have two bunnies, they reside in Charlie’s former puppy crate, they eat a lot of hay and vegetables. It’s messy. It can smell. Tip #2, clean cages daily. Because I realize buyers will often have children with them, and what child can resist a bunny – we have Tip #3, LOCK your cages. Very simple, I put a padlock on each of the cage openings. Peace of mind for everyone.

Our daughter also has a cat, the cat just had five kittens a few months ago, three are now in their furever homes but two are still with us. Yes, that means we actually have three felines in our house, they do reside in our daughters room which is rather larger (larger than many studio apartments) and she has a large bathroom that houses their litter box. Still, three cats – and we don’t want them running around the house or getting out while buyers are here. Tip #4, if you have to keep the pets in your home, place a sign on the door either ‘do not enter’ or ‘beware and take notice of pets and don’t let them out’.

This past week I’ve been asked so many times about how we plan to show our house while having all these pets. After all, a lot of people have allergies, a lot aren’t fond of animals, and of course, no one, including myself and other pet lovers, find the smell of pets endearing. We don’t. They smell, their stuffed toys smell, carpet may smell from earlier accidents. I just smile and let them know that the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, the cats are hiding in their room, the bunnies are caged, and Charlie now gets double his regular walks and a lot more trips to the pet store. He also promotes our listing on his FB page, what a guy!

Good luck showing your home when you have pets, with a little patience and a good sense of humor, you can do it! After all, over half of America’s home owners are pet owners.